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Introducing NEW Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System at Temple Hair Studio.

Addicted to colour, but fear the damage? Matrix has introduced a brand new Bond Protecting System – BOND Ultim8 – that delivers 8 long lasting bond protecting benefits in 1.

With only 3 steps, BOND Ultim8 protects during chemical processes and leaves hair softer and shinier – plus no added time! Thanks to BOND Ultim8 we can deliver healthy looking hair…with NO limits.

Available now at Temple Hair Studio from £20.


What Is Bond Ultim8 And What Is It Used For?

Bond Ultim8 is a Bond Protecting System that delivers 8 lasting bond protecting benefits. It prevents bond breakage during chemical hair processes and protects the bonds over time.


How Does BOND Ultim8 Work?

Step 1 preserves the strong bonds in the hair and also acts as an ion trapper by removing damaging bleach residues. Step 2 restores the bonds that have been weakened by the chemical process. You can continue the process at home with use of Step 3 Weekly Sealing Treatment, where bonds are not only maintained but also reinforced – ask your stylist for more information during your next visit.





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